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Fibonacci sequence in Leaves

Have you ever wondered why the top view of a plant so pretty that you can view most of theleaves in an order?

I know we all spent time admiring its beauty and never asked ourselves why and how?
Let us cut the superficial ribbon and enter into the nerd world to find the profound theory behind it.

Curious, huh?

The leaf arrangement of a plant is actually mathematical! The pattern of the florets have the Fibonacci qualities. Plants do not know the Fibonacci sequence and it grows in its way. Then why this sequence is necessary for the leaf arrangement?

The leaf arrangement has a term to describe called 'phyllotaxis'. The Fibonacci sequence can be linked with its advantage. The angle at which the adjacent leaves are positioned is 137.5°. If you divide a circle, where the ratio of the arc length is equal to the Golden ratio i.e. 1.619, the angle of the arcs would be 137.5°, which is known as the 'Golden angle'. The Fibonacci quality helps in creating a maximum space for eac…