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Why is skin so vulnerable to paper?

Ouch! It hurts! You can be a small lad or a power honcho, but when it comes to paper cuts, your head starts to reel. Why does paper cuts hurt so much?
You never know the wobbly paper could attack you with the ninja blades.... The paper-ninja cut is one of the worst little annoyance, they sure provide a lot of pain.
We use our fingers to sense things in our surroundings. Your fingers are too sensitive and they have many nociceptors compared to other parts of the body.  If you get a paper cut around your elbow or knee, you don't feel much pain compared to your fingertips.
The fingertips have many nerves called nociceptors, and they make the brain to respond to the sensations. Fingertip is also a main problem and as you keep on moving them, the paper cut widens, making you feel terrible. It gets exposed to environmental conditions such as air, sunlight and other irritants which makes the pain stronger.
The paper is also a mischief maker. Though they have a smooth surface, their edges…

Waft in the Wind

Love reading? 
Of course, who doesn't! The question is, "Hard copy or the techie book- Kindle." I know, I know... In this busy world, we all choose to carry Kindle which is sophisticated and light-weight. And yes, we can download unlimited books in a single gadget and read them later.
But now, I will take you bookworms to the good old days where we were fond of reading REAL books and after years, we love the smell of them when taken from the shelves. So what is it actually about? What does it smell like? Vanilla? Chocolate? Strawberry? Almond? Could you specify? I think it is a combination.
Basically, the books are made of paper and ink in it. Paper is made up of wood. The wood includes organic compounds such as lignin and cellulose. When these compounds react to heat, air, light and moisture, they slowly breakdown and release volatile organic compounds or VOCs.
Volatile Organic Compounds are organic compound that can easily become vapours or gases. They contain elements …