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Origami Day- It's all about the art of paper folding

What will you do if you have a scrap of paper? No writing tools, no scissors, no glue, and all you have is just a piece of paper! Few would give up: "I better throw it away..." But the curious workaholics won't stop fidgeting their fingers unless they end up with "I made it!"

How do these weirdos find a paper cool? Sounds eccentric?

Who doesn't love the magic of turning a piece of paper into something pretty? I find it the most exciting of all paper crafts for 2 reasons: I enjoy making these stuffs. Yeah, it needs patience, concentration and a good mood. If you stick to these conditions, you would definitely love them. Origami is an inexpensive hobby you can have.The most sarcastic part of all- I don't need to search for glue, scissors or any but a single piece of paper. I do not need to curse my breathe for not arranging my cupboard properly, mom's same-old-rebuke or sister's lame jokes at that scenario... As you know, origami is fascinating, t…