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It is flooding over there!

Heard the sound of water jostling towards me, Saw and called for help, to let me free. Sense no tingling hands from there, Got stuck here and not even a Lilliput to care.
What is the most talked issue in India today? Of course, it is Kerala flood. Kerala continues to remain on edge as the death toll from he fresh onslaught of rain and floods since August 8 has climbed to 194, according to the control room of the State Disaster Management. Over 3.14 lakh people have been moved to relief camps across the state as Kerala is facing its worst flood in the century with dams opened and all rivers in spate. As several parts of Pathanamthitta, Ernakulam and Thrissur districts were submerged, people were camped on terraces and higher floors waiting for rescuers.

What did do with regard to this issue? Being a good-hearted person, it is embarrassing for me that I didn't take part in rescuing people. Now, my brain is flooded with all subjects and I am preparing for my exams. But I thought I shouldn&…