It is flooding over there!

Heard the sound of water jostling towards me,
Saw and called for help, to let me free.
Sense no tingling hands from there,
Got stuck here and not even a Lilliput to care.

What is the most talked issue in India today?
Of course, it is Kerala flood. Kerala continues to remain on edge as the death toll from he fresh onslaught of rain and floods since August 8 has climbed to 194, according to the control room of the State Disaster Management. Over 3.14 lakh people have been moved to relief camps across the state as Kerala is facing its worst flood in the century with dams opened and all rivers in spate.
As several parts of Pathanamthitta, Ernakulam and Thrissur districts were submerged, people were camped on terraces and higher floors waiting for rescuers.

What did do with regard to this issue?
Being a good-hearted person, it is embarrassing for me that I didn't take part in rescuing people. Now, my brain is flooded with all subjects and I am preparing for my exams. But I thought I shouldn't leave as such. I was waiting for scant weekend and finally the calendar showed up. All I could do is to state things to be done in flood and so on in today's post.
Today's scenario in Kerala

What is Flood?
Many parts of India are frequently devastated by weather-related disasters such as floods, cyclones and drought. Let us take a close look at flood to understand their causes and consequences.
We will get to know the steps that can save us cope with the devastation caused by them.
A flood occurs when a sudden influx of water submerges land areas, causing danger to the life and property of people living there. With onset of the south-west monsoons many parts of India receive heavy rainfall leading to floods in many rivers. People living in low-lying areas in the river basins suffer the most. The loss of life and property is considerable. At times, the fertile top soil is removed by the fast-flowing waters, leaving the land infertile. Land, being a natural resource, makes difficult to be restored.

A breach in a dam and a very high waves near the coast due to cyclones and a change in the course of river also cause floods.

Coping with Floods:
  1. The government must ensure that embankments along rivers are maintained in good condition because any breach in them often causes flash floods.
  2. The government should also ensure that facilities for quick evacuation of people and animals to makeshift shelters located at higher places are ready.
  3. Rescue equipment such as boats and means of communication should be kept ready.
  4. The local administration should be ready to prevent the outbreak and spread of diseases, especially the ones originating from stagnant water.

Preparedness before Floods:

  1. People living in flood-prone areas should be familiar with the terrain in order to quickly reach safer places in case of a flood.
  2. One should keep a long stick handy to wade safely through flood waters. (This might sound like a word from an imbecile but it helps!)
  3. Electrical mains must be switched off to avoid short- circuits.
  4. One should keep a track of all the warnings about the flood, given through TV and radio.
  5. People can save household items and valuables by placing them at a height.
  6. Toilets should be blocked with sand bags to prevent any back flow of sewage.
  7. Be watchful of snakes as snakebite is common during floods. Finding first-aid and hospitalization is difficult at hard times especially during floods.
  8. Store sufficient  essential supplies of food, water and medicines if you have the knowledge of an impending flood.
  9. Coastal vegetation such as mangrove forests must be conserved as these act as windbreaks and reduce the impact.
  10. Emergency kit, food, water and medicines should be kept ready in a waterproof bag.
Thing to be concerned!

Former South African cricketer AB de Villiers on Saturday tweeted and expressed concern for people affected by floods in Kerala. We, belonging to the same country where Kerala is situated in, are worthy only on tweeting? Let us lend our hands to our Mallu friends suffering there!
Use this hashtag if you are one of the lending hands: #KeralaFlood #KeralaSOS #HelpKerala


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