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Time to celebrate linguistic diversity

Have you ever tried to talk to a toddler? If you are a guy who usually breaks the neighbour's window by a ball, you would definitely console the kid of that family. I think it is damn archaic and the best way to drop out a conflict...
Okay, have you ever noticed a peculiar thing that your so-called innocent neighbor kid respond to you in their own language. Have you wondered how they learned to respond like that? Research shows that mother tongue is the first language babies learn while they are still inside the womb. It is the language they grow up knowing and communicating with the world.
As we grow up, we may learn different languages but nothing can comfort your way of communicating like our mother tongue. Furthermore, native language actually builds your personality and influencing our cultural identity.

With the advent of globalization, it has become imperative for us to explore foreign languages. But this reason should not push us to alienate our native languages.…