Waiting for New Year's Resolution?

Are you one of those peeps who have no new plans for this year just yet? New Year's planning sure goes on till the last minute, and you almost end up with an empty notepad...
The fate clearly can't be like that for all, so never lose hope.

We use the word 'busy' way too much. The so-called busy me says so especially when my mom asks for help and she would say, "You amount to nothing because you procrastinate things!" And hopelessly, I just reply, "Just wait..." Mothers are better than astrologers, right?

We tend to go with the word busy as an excuse to swither on unpleasant tasks. We use it to sound important at work that we prioritize because being busy somehow equates to being successful.

But you are never too busy for 10 minutes or so, which is all it takes to improve yourself just a little each day. Stop prioritizing the busy fragments of your life and make time for things that you must throw light such as constant development of your mental, physical and emotional well-being.

" The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled." - Plutarch

In this post, I have compiled this list of  easy ways you can improve your memory skills and knowledge in 10 minutes or less. 

Daily Habits to Increase Your Knowledge:
  1. Read newspaper: It allows you to be updated with latest information and to know what's happening around you. It makes you to form opinions, views and thoughts about the articles and allows to share it among others who shares your interests. For example, a science-nerd can subscribe science magazine that boosts interest in the field. For the inquisitive mind, newspaper is a treasure-trove of interesting and practical facts.
  2. Read a book everyday: In my opinion, this is the way to expand your knowledge. It doesn't matter whether you read a fiction or non-fiction, but reading gives you the chance to see things from a new perspective. Non-fiction could make you connect things in your real life and an opportunity to predict what's going to happen next in the story.
  3. You can watch documentaries or educational videos. I do not tell to stop watching television as I think I am not the right person to tell this. But I feel good when I reduced watching them. Sometimes, you could shift channels of different genres.
  4. Are we spending most of our hours on our phones- especially social media? Indeed, yes! Why not fill it up with feeds of interesting information that will help you grow? Get smarter everyday by following pages that post these stuffs.
  5. This might be no-brainer, but it is often overlooked. The people we surround impact us more than what we think, so be sure to be surrounded with smart and motivated people.
  6. Playing smart games can actually help you in building up! For the competitive soul, I strongly recommend gathering up your close circle to play, not with the virtual world but I speak the reality. It is challenging, including almost every area you can imagine. However, games like chess and Scrabble, expand your mind.



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